If you’re anything like me, you get bored of the same old picture styles and poses. That’s why today’s guest post is all about adding interest to your photos with props. Props can add a bit of the unexpected to your photos and help tell your story. Clarissa from Coco Sailore (an ADORABLE Etsy store offering handmade curios such as vibrant mason jars, cheerful pennant banners, colorful garlands, and fun DIY kits) provides insight on how to personalize your photo session!

  • My dad has a picture of six of his younger siblings ranging from high school to elementary school age, each holding an item that was important in their lives at that time: a flute, basketball, trophy, etc. Growing up I loved looking at that picture because it revealed a peek into the younger lives of my aunts and uncles. Props in family photos don’t have to be meaningless; they’re a great way to visually preserve a special time in your family’s life. Are you an artistic family? Stage a whimsical photo shoot! Does your family like to have a good time? Throw in a festive pennant banner! Every family has something that makes them feel united. Show it!
    My most adored family photos from my blossoming marriage were taken in an old triplex apartment that we used to live in. The first time my husband introduced me to our post-honeymoon residence, I nearly died. It was putrid green, run down, and the bathroom was literally a water closet. But after three years I was in love with the place, with its charm and little nuances. Before we moved out of state we decided to take family photos around our beloved apartment doing some of our favorite things: reading books, playing Scrabble, baking homemade bread, and dancing to our vintage records. Those photos mean the most to me because our props were a part of what made our first few years of marriage special.
    Photographs can potentially capture the best and the worst in family sessions. To the chagrin of my parents, my Minnie Mouse teddy will always be in our formal extended family photos. (But now it’s cute to look at the pouty-face 3 year-old whose doll was being threatened to have taken away if she didn’t cooperate with the photographer. I mean, it is cute…right, Mom?) As you consider the props you want in your photos remember that you and your family’s style changes, obsessions may fade, and there’s no looking back. Embrace this wonderful moment in your family’s lives.

    Check out Coco Sailore and browse Clarissa’s beautiful hand made pennants and garland – all of which can double as props for your shoot, as well as brighten up your home 🙂 

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